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Seq Fator de Impacto Periodico Ipen_doc Título Primeiro Autor
1 40.137 Nature 23462 Large emissions from floodplain trees close the Amazon methane budget PANGALA, SUNITHA R.
2 12.124 Nature Communications 23823 Airborne observations reveal elevational gradient in tropical forest isoprene emissions GU, DASA
3 9.446 Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 23027 Synthesis of Pt+SnO2/C electrocatalysts containing Pt nanoparticleswith preferential (100) orientation for direct ethanol fuel cell ANTONIASSI, R.M.
4 9.446 Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 23208 Effect of the type of ceria dopant on the performance of Ni/CeO2 SOFC anode for ethanol internal reforming SILVA, A.A.A. da
5 7.281 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 22890 LALINET: The first Latin American-born regional atmospheric observational network ANTUNA MARRERO, JUAN C.
6 7.182 Applied Energy 23211 Durable direct ethanol anode-supported solid oxide fuel cell STEIL, M.C.
7 7.088 Environment International 23529 Effectiveness of traffic-related elements in tree bark and pollen abortion rates for assessing air pollution exposure on respiratory mortality rates CARVALHO-OLIVEIRA, REGIANI
8 5.720 Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 24361 MUC1 aptamer-capped mesoporous silica nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery and radio-imaging applications PASCUAL, LLUIS
9 5.605 Artificial Cells Nanomedicine and Biotechnology 24230 Diagnosing lung cancer using etoposide microparticles labeled with 99mTc SALVI, ROBERTO
10 5.318 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22700 Consistent regional fluxes of CHsub(4) and COsub(2) inferred from GOSAT proxy XCHsub(4)XCOsub(2) retrievals, 2010-2014 PANDEY, SUDHANSHU
11 5.318 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 23086 Modelling the radiative effects of smoke aerosols on carbon fluxes in Amazon MOREIRA, DEMERVAL S.
12 5.318 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 23155 A new methodology for PBL height estimations based on lidar depolarization measurements: analysis and comparison against MWR and WRF model-based results BRAVO-ARANDA, JUAN A.
13 5.256 Journal of Materials Chemistry C 23203 Building block magneto-luminescent nanomaterials of iron-oxide/ZnS@LaF3:Ce3+,Gd3+,Tb3+ with green emission SHRIVASTAVA, NAVADEEP
14 5.168 Oncotarget 23199 Galectin-3 acts as an angiogenic switch to induce tumor angiogenesis via Jagged-1/Notch activation SANTOS, SOFIA N. dos
15 4.900 Science of the Total Environment 23148 Biomonitoring of genotoxic effects and elemental accumulation derived from air pollution in community urban gardens AMATO-LOURENCO, LUIS F.
16 4.798 Electrochimica Acta 23949 Influence of probe size for local electrochemical impedance measurements ABREU, CAIO P. de
17 4.762 Cement and Concrete Research 23161 Aluminum hydroxide gel characterization within a calcium aluminate cement paste by combined Pair Distribution Function and Rietveld analyses CUESTA, ANA
18 4.698 Brain Structure and Function 22681 Distribution of growth hormone-responsive cells in the mouse brain FURIGO, ISADORA C.
19 4.636 Catalysis Today 23117 Synthesis and properties of MCM-41 with polymerizable CADMA cationic surfactant SILVA, LAURA L.
20 4.536 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 23077 Local structure of core−shell MnFe2O4+δ-based nanocrystals: cation distribution and valence states of manganese ions MARTINS, FERNANDO H.
21 4.480 Pharmacological Research 23103 Protective effects of exogenous and endogenous hydrogen sulfide inmast cell-mediated pruritus and cutaneous acute inflammation inmice RODRIGUES, L.
22 4.474 Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 24396 Polydispersed powders (Nd3+:YVO4) for ultra efficient random lasers WETTER, NIKLAUS U.
23 4.300 International Journal of Nanomedicine 23158 Anti-MUC1 nano-aptamers for triple-negative breast cancer imaging by single-photon emission computed tomography in inducted animals: initial considerations CARMO, FAGNER S. do
24 4.291 Frontiers in Plant Science 24286 A streamlined approach by a combination of bioindication and geostatistical methods for assessing air contaminants and their effects on human health in industrialized areas FERREIRA, ANGELICA B.
25 4.164 Materials Science and Engineering C 23149 Fabrication of electrospun HPGL scaffolds via glycidyl methacrylate cross-linker: Morphology, mechanical and biological properties BARATELA, FERNANDO J.C.
26 4.164 Materials Science and Engineering C 23185 Fabrication of polypropylene/silver nanocomposites for biocidal applications OLIANI, WASHINGTON L.
27 4.164 Materials Science and Engineering C 23191 Electrochemical preparation and characterization of PNIPAM-HAp scaffolds for bone tissue engineering RIBEIRO, CHARLENE A.
28 4.164 Materials Science and Engineering C 23194 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of electrospun membranes of poly (ε-caprolactone) and poly (rotaxane) SALLES, TAIS H.C.
29 4.136 ChemElectroChem 24379 Iridium-rhodium nanoparticles for ammonia oxidation SILVA, JULIO C.M.
30 4.123 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23204 Efficient multicolor tunability of ultrasmall ternary-doped LaF3 nanoparticles: energy conversion and magnetic behavior SHRIVASTAVA, NAVADEEP
31 4.030 Waste Management 23101 Soldering mask laser removal from printed circuit boards aiming copper recycling RAELE, MARCUS P.
32 4.029 Dalton Transactions 23219 Mangiferin functionalized radioactive gold nanoparticles (MGF-198AuNPs) in prostate tumor therapy: green nanotechnology for production, in vivo tumor retention and evaluation of therapeutic efficacy AL-YASIRI, A.Y.
33 3.820 Physical Review C 23216 Elastic scattering, inelastic excitation, and neutron transfer for 7Li + 120Sn at energies around the Coulomb barrier ZAGATTO, V.A.B.
34 3.778 Atmospheric Research 22641 Diversity on subtropical and polar properties as derived from both ground-based lidars and CALIPSO/CALIOP measurements CORDOBA JABONERO, CARMEN
35 3.743 Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 23157 HSP70 expression in Biomphalaria glabrata snails exposed to cadmium CANTINHA, REBECA da S.
36 3.743 Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 23182 Effects of harbor activities on sediment quality in a semi-arid region in Brazil MOREIRA, LUCAS B.
37 3.677 Clinical Toxicology 22764 Cross neutralization of coral snake venoms by commercial Australian snake antivenoms RAMOS, HENRIQUE R.
38 3.662 Journal of the Electrochemical Society 24859 Multiscale electrochemical study of welded al alloys joined by friction stir welding ABREU, CAIO P. de
39 3.582 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 23210 Evaluation of carbon supported platinum-ruthenium nanoparticles for ammonia electro-oxidation: Combined fuel cell and electrochemical approach SILVA, JULIO C.M.
40 3.582 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 24305 Carbon-supported Pt nanoparticles with (100) preferential orientation with enhanced electrocatalytic properties for carbon monoxide, methanol and ethanol oxidation in acidic medium ANTONIASSI, R.M.
41 3.575 Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 23214 Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of I-131 and Co-60 in follicular thyroid cancer cell (WRO) with and without recombinant human thyroid-stimulating hormone treatment VALGODE, FLAVIA G.S.
42 3.456 Journal of Dentistry 23173 In situ evaluation of fluoride-, stannous- and polyphosphate-containing solutions against enamel erosion JOAO-SOUZA, SAMIRA H.
43 3.387 Applied Surface Science 23073 Osteoconductive properties of two different bioactive glass forms (powder and fiber) combined with collagen MAGRI, ANGELA M.P.
44 3.337 Biomedical Optics Express 22896 Multimodal evaluation of ultra-short laser pulses treatment for skin burn injuries SANTOS, MOISES O. dos
45 3.249 Current Medicinal Chemistry 23048 Protein profile analysis of two australian snake venoms by one- dimensional gel electrophoresis and MS/MS experiments GEORGIEVA, DESSISLAVA
46 3.226 International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22995 N-Glycoprofiling analysis for carbohydrate composition and site-occupancy determination in a poly-glycosylated protein: human thyrotropin of different origins RIBELA, MARIA T.C.P.
47 3.184 Air Quality Atmosphere and Health 23026 Main ozone-forming VOCs in the city of Sao Paulo: observations, modelling and impacts ALVIM, DEBORA S.
48 3.169 Construction and Building Materials 23166 Assessment of Greener Cement by employing thermally treated sugarcane straw ashes FERREIRA, EDUARDO G.A.
49 3.146 Marine Pollution Bulletin 24235 Exposure to crack cocaine causes adverse effects on marine mussels Perna perna MARANHO, L.A.
50 3.133 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 24334 Photoluminescence of single-phased white light emission materials based on simultaneous Tb3+, Eu3+ and Dy3+ doping in CaWO4 matrix BARBOSA, HELLIOMAR P.
51 3.002 Pharmaceutical Research 24373 Microradiopharmaceutical for metastatic melanoma ROSA, THIAGO G.
52 2.986 Ceramics International 23171 Improved ionic conductivity of zirconia-scandia with niobia addition GROSSO, ROBSON L.
53 2.986 Ceramics International 23461 Effect of temperature and heating rate on the sintering performance of SiC-Al2O3-Dy2O3 and SiC-Al2O3-Yb2O3 systems RIBEIRO, S.
54 2.851 Electroanalysis 23544 Performance of Pd electrocatalyst supported on a physical mixture indium Tin oxide–carbon for glycerol electro– oxidation in alkaline media OTTONI, CRISTIANE A.
55 2.841 Journal of the American Ceramic Society 23050 Phase stability in scandia-zirconia nanocrystals GROSSO, ROBSON L.
56 2.841 Journal of the American Ceramic Society 24289 Enthalpies of formation in the scandia-zirconia system GROSSO, ROBSON L.
57 2.806 Plos One 23455 Molecular cloning and characterization of pirarucu (Arapaima gigas) follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone β-subunit cDNAs SEVILHANO, THAIS
58 2.742 Physics in Medicine & Biology 23169 Collision-kerma conversion between dose-to-tissue and dose-to-water by photon energy-fluence corrections in low-energy brachytherapy GIMENEZ-ALVENTOSA, VINCENT
59 2.741 Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24221 Gladius and its derivatives as potential biosorbents for marine diesel oil PRETO, MAYRA F.
60 2.686 Journal of Luminescence 23049 The luminescence parameters of Yb3+:Er3+-doped LiLa(WO4)2 single crystal grown in the form of fiber for up-conversion green emission GOMES, LAERCIO
61 2.686 Journal of Luminescence 23206 Development of novel upconversion luminescent nanoparticle of Ytterbium/Thulium–doped beta tricalcium phosphate SILVA, FLAVIA R.O.
62 2.674 Neuroimmunomodulation 24233 Beta-adrenergic blockade decreases the neuroimmune changes in mice induced by cohabitation with an ehrlich tumor-bearing cage mate MARGATHO, RAFAEL O.
63 2.673 Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, B: Biology 24332 Photodynamic damage predominates on different targets depending on cell growth phase of Candida albicans BAPTISTA, ALESSANDRA
64 2.630 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 22760 Crystallographic parameters of magnetic Pr2Fe14−xCoxB-type alloys determined using anomalous x-ray diffraction with synchrotron radiation GALEGO, E.
65 2.614 Journal of Applied Crystallography 23150 CrystalWalk: crystal structures, step by step BARDELLA, FERNANDO
66 2.426 Nuclear Medicine and Biology 23935 Pancreas and liver uptake of new radiolabeled incretins (GLP-1 and Exendin-4) in models of diet-induced and diet-restricted obesity SEO, DANIELE
67 2.405 Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 23189 Complexation of oxethazaine with 2-hydroxypropyl-bcyclodextrin: increased drug solubility, decreased cytotoxicity and analgesia at inflamed tissues PRADO, ANDRESSA R.
68 2.399 Biological Trace Element Research 23209 Essential elements as biomarkers of acute kidney injury and spontaneous reversion SILVA, REGIANE M. da
69 2.398 Electrocatalysis 23098 PtRu nanoparticles supported on phosphorous-doped carbon as electrocatalysts for methanol electro-oxidation PEREIRA, VIVIANE S.
70 2.354 Solid State Ionics 23078 Proton and cesium conductivity in perfluorosulfonate ionomers at low and high relative humidity MATOS, BRUNO R.
71 2.345 Current Molecular Medicine 24222 Efficient non-invasive plasmid-DNA administration into tibialis cranialis muscle of “little” mice CECCHI, C.R.
72 2.341 Physiology & Behavior 21670 Cohabitation with an Ehrlich tumor-bearing cagemate induces immune but not behavioral changes in male mice MACHADO, THALITA R.M.
73 2.319 Advanced Engineering Materials 22827 Texture development in cold deformed and recrystallized Ti–30Nb–4Sn alloy and its effects on hardness and young’s modulus FANTON, LEONARDO
74 2.310 Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 23032 Phosphogypsum recycling in the building materials industry: assessment of the radon exhalation rate CAMPOS, M.P.
75 2.310 Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 23172 Applications of radon and radium isotopes to determine submarine groundwater discharge and flushing times in Todos os Santos Bay, Brazil HATJE, VANESSA
76 2.310 Journal of Biomaterials Applications 24384 Treatment of a burn animal model with functionalized tridimensional electrospun biomaterials STEFFENS, DANIELA
77 2.305 Semiconductor Science and Technology 23102 Substitutional Ta-doping in Y2O3 semiconductor by sol-gel synthesis: experimental and theoretical studies RICHARD, DIEGO
78 2.299 Lasers in Medical Science 22837 Progression of erosive lesions after Nd:YAG laser and fluoride using optical coherence tomography MORAES, MARCIA C.D. de
79 2.299 Lasers in Medical Science 23227 The association between Nd:YAG laser and desensitizing dentifrices for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity CUNHA, SANDRA R.
80 2.299 Lasers in Medical Science 24320 Effects of corticopuncture (CP) and low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on the rate of tooth movement and root resorption in rats using micro-CT evaluation SUZUKI, SELLY S.
81 2.238 Optical Materials 23170 Excited state absorption and energy transfer in Ho3+-doped indium fluoride glass GOMES, LAERCIO
82 2.235 Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 24372 On the electrochemical properties of Mg-PSZ RONDAO, A.I.B.
83 2.219 Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 23079 Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy combined to periodontal treatment: experimental model BELINELLO-SOUZA, ESTEFANI L.
84 2.219 Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 23175 Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy on Streptococcus mutans is altered by glucose in the presence of methylene blue and red LED LEAL, CINTIA R.L.
85 2.219 Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 23521 Glucose modulates antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation ofCandida albicans in biofilms SUZUKI, LUIS C.
86 2.219 Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 24311 Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for infectious stomatitis in snakes GREGO, KATHLEEN F.
87 2.211 International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 23165 Bonding strategies to full-contour zirconia: Zirconia pretreatment with piranha solution, glaze and airborne-particle abrasion FEITOSA, SABRINA A.
88 2.175 Journal of Molecular Recognition 23988 Isolation and partial characterization of 3 nontoxic D‐galactose– specific isolectins from seeds of Momordica balsamina AWADALLAH, AMNA K.E.
89 2.121 Photochemistry and Photobiology 24333 Type I and type II photosensitized oxidation reactions BAPTISTA, MAURICIO S.
90 2.109 Optics and Laser Technology 23152 100W continuous linearly polarized, high beam quality output from standard side-pumped Nd:YAG laser modules BERECZKI, ALLAN
91 2.084 Materials Chemistry and Physics 23196 Bio-prototyping of europium-yttria based rods for radiation dosimetry SANTOS, S.C.
92 2.084 Materials Chemistry and Physics 24370 Platinum nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped carbon for ammonia electro-oxidation RIBEIRO, VILMARIA A.
93 2.068 Journal of Applied Physics 23113 Ion implantation in titanium dioxide thin films studied by perturbed angular correlations SCHELL, JULIANA
94 2.068 Journal of Applied Physics 23200 Cd and In-doping in thin film SnO2 SCHELL, JULIANA
95 2.062 Ionics 23830 Fuel cell and electrochemical studies of the ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media using PtAuIr/C as anodes SILVA, SIRLANE G. da
96 2.062 Ionics 24368 Preparation of dense La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3-δ with high ionic conductivity by solid-state synthesis REIS, S.L.
97 2.062 Ionics 24380 Palladium nanoparticles supported on phosphorus-doped carbon for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media SILVA, JULIO C.M.
98 2.048 Journal of Nuclear Materials 23163 Evolution of fuel plate parameters during deformation in rolling DURAZZO, M.
99 2.048 Journal of Nuclear Materials 23197 Effect of Al(OH)3 on the sintering of UO2–Gd2O3 fuel pellets with addition of U3O8 from recycle SANTOS, LAURO R. dos
100 1.953 Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 23090 Thermal analyses of yttrium-doped barium zirconate with phosphor pentoxide, boron oxide and zinc oxide addition MUCCILLO, R.
101 1.953 Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 23212 Encapsulation study of citalopram and risperidone into nanostructured silica SBA-15 for in vitro release evaluation TANAKA, MAGALI N.
102 1.953 Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 23824 Thermoanalytical study of polyurethane, subjected to ionizing radiation, as raw material for catheters for clinical practice HEILMAN, SONIA
103 1.915 International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 24310 Application of the coconut fiber in radioactive liquid waste treatment FERREIRA, R.V.P.
104 1.877 Journal of Polymers and the Environment 23217 Degradability characterization of EPDM/IIR blends by γ-irradiation ZAHARESCU, TRAIAN
105 1.860 Journal of Applied Polymer Science 23033 Thermal and mechanical behavior evaluation of dental composites filled with irradiated montmorillonite CAMPOS, L.M.P.
106 1.815 Journal of Food Science 23831 Ames test to detect mutagenicity of 2-alkylcyclobutanones: a review BARBEZAN, ANGELICA B.
107 1.792 Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 23047 Measurement of doubly differential electron bremsstrahlung cross sections at the end point (tip) for C, Al, Te, Ta and Au GARCIA-ALVAREZ, J.A.
108 1.751 Environmental Technology 23220 Evaluation of e-beam irradiation effects on the toxicity of slaughterhouse wastewaters MADUREIRA, JOANA
109 1.751 Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 23930 Evaluation of magnetonanoparticles conjugated with new angiogenesis peptides in intracranial glioma tumors by MRI OLIVEIRA, ERICA A. de
110 1.740 Oncology Research 24344 Knockdown of NF-κB1 by shRNA inhibits the growth of renal cell carcinoma in vitro and in vivo IKEGAMI, AMANDA
111 1.706 Fuel Cells 23187 CFD analysis of PEMFC flow channel cross sections PAULINO, A.L.R.
112 1.706 Fuel Cells 24378 Shape optimization of PEMFC flow-channel cross-sections KORKISCHKO, I.
113 1.687 Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 23081 The relationship between aerosol particles chemical composition and optical properties to identify the biomass burning contribution to fine particles concentration: a case study for São Paulo city, Brazil MIRANDA, REGINA M. de
114 1.680 Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 23188 Descriptive analysis of in vitro cutting of swine mitral cusps: comparison of high-power laser and scalpel blade cutting techniques PINTO, NATHALI C.
115 1.658 IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 23037 Overview on the evolution of near magnetic field coupling prediction using equivalent multipole spherical harmonic sources BREARD, ARNAUD
116 1.568 AIP Advances 23107 Stable tetragonal phase and magnetic properties of Fe-doped HfO2 nanoparticles SALES, T.S.N.
117 1.568 AIP Advances 23154 Characterization of magnetic phase transitions in PrMn2Ge2 compound investigated by magnetization and hyperfine field measurements BOSCH-SANTOS, B.
118 1.568 AIP Advances 23201 Implantation of cobalt in SnO2 thin films studied by TDPAC SCHELL, JULIANA
119 1.538 Materials Science and Technology 23994 Microstructure and mechanical behavior of Al9Si0.8Fe alloy with different Mn contents BALDAN, RENATO
120 1.531 Zeitschrift fur Medizinische Physik 23125 Multi-centre evaluation of accuracy and reproducibility of planar and SPECT image quantification: an IAEA phantom study ZIMMERMAN, BRIAN E.
121 1.530 Vacuum 24318 Effective atomic number and buildup factor calculations for metal nano particle doped polymer gel SATHIYARAJ, P.
122 1.529 Applied Spectroscopy 22897 Mercury amalgam diffusion in human teeth probed using femtosecond LIBS BELLO, LICIANE T.
123 1.529 Applied Spectroscopy 23114 Optical properties of europium tetracycline complexes in the presence of High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) subfractions SICCHIERI, LETICIA B.
124 1.469 International Journal of Electrochemical Science 23085 Preparation of PtRu/C Electrocatalysts by borohydride reduction for methanol oxidation in acidic and alkaline medium SANTOS, MONIQUE C.L. dos
125 1.469 International Journal of Electrochemical Science 23221 Laser marked and textured biomaterial evaluated by mott-schottky technique PIERETTI, EURICO F.
126 1.469 International Journal of Electrochemical Science 23720 Effect of Sn loading on the characteristics of Pt electrocatalysts supported on reduced graphene oxide for application as direct ethanol fuel cell anode CORDEIRO, GUILHERME L.
127 1.469 International Journal of Electrochemical Science 24319 Direct oxidation of ethylene glycol on PtSn/C for application in alkaline fuel cell SOUZA, LETICIA L. de
128 1.452 Journal of Prosthodontics: Implant Esthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry 23190 Evaluation of intra root canal Er,Cr:YSGG laser irradiation on prosthetic post adherence QUINTO JUNIOR, JOSE
129 1.449 Polymer Engineering and Science 24330 On creep, recovery, and stress relaxation of carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy filament wound composites ALMEIDA JUNIOR, JOSE H.
130 1.447 Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases 23046 Isolation and biochemical characterization of bradykinin-potentiating peptides from Bitis gabonica rhinoceros FUCASE, TAMARA M.
131 1.442 Radiation Measurements 23215 Application of optically stimulated luminescence ‘nanoDot’ dosimeters for dose verification of VMAT treatment planning using an anthropomorphic stereotactic end-to-end verification phantom VILLANI, DANIEL
132 1.442 Radiation Measurements 23967 Dosimetric properties of MgB4O7:Dy,Li and MgB4O7:Ce,Li for optically stimulated luminescence applications SOUZA, L.F.
133 1.442 Radiation Measurements 24306 Applying the TSEE technique to Spectrolite and Opal pellets irradiated with high doses of gamma radiation ANTONIO, PATRICIA L.
134 1.442 Radiation Measurements 24358 Lithium diborate glass for high-dose dosimetry using the UV-Vis and FTIR spectrophotometry techniques OLIVEIRA, LUCAS N. de
135 1.430 Polymer Bulletin 22446 Synthesis of PLGA using a Csub(3)-synmmetric Zr (IV) amine tris(phenolate) alkoxide initiator and the effects of gamma radiation on its properties PELEIAS JUNIOR, FERNANDO dos S.
136 1.413 Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 22822 Structural studies of the protein endostatin in fusion with BAX BH3 death domain, a hybrid that presents enhanced antitumoral activity CHURA-CHAMBI, ROSA M.
137 1.405 Physica B: Condensed Matter 24321 Effects of doxorubicin on the structural and morphological characterization of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) using small angle neutron scattering (SANS) and small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) YOKAICHIYA, FABIANO
138 1.405 Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter 24375 Magnetic interactions at Ce impurities in REMn2Ge2 (RE = La, Ce, Pr, Nd) compounds BOSCH-SANTOS, B.
139 1.362 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 23996 Measurement of the first Townsend ionization coefficient in a methane-based tissue-equivalent gas PETRI, A.R.
140 1.351 Protein Expression and Purification 22999 Expression, purification and characterization of the authentic form of human growth hormone receptor antagonist G120R-hGH obtained in Escherichia coli periplasmic space MENEZES, ANA C.S.C.
141 1.337 Waste and Biomass Valorization 23088 Production of biochar, bio-oil and synthesis gas from cashew nut shell by slow pyrolysis MOREIRA, RENATA
142 1.331 Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 23223 Solution and aging of MAR-M246 nickel-based superalloy BALDAN, RENATO
143 1.315 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 23025 Mass attenuation coefficients of X-rays in different barite concrete used in radiation protection as shielding against ionizing radiation ALMEIDA JUNIOR, T.A.
144 1.315 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 23141 Gamma radiation effects in packaging for sterilization of health products and their constituents paper and plastic film PORTO, KARINA M.B.G.
145 1.315 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 23198 Evaluation of equivalent and effective dose by KAP for patient and orthopedic surgeon in vertebral compression fracture surgery SANTOS, FELIPE A.
146 1.315 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 23524 Estimate of S-values for children due to six positron emitting radionuclides used in PET examinations BELINATO, WALMIR
147 1.315 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 23557 Optically stimulated luminescence of borate glasses containing magnesia, quicklime, lithium and potassium carbonates VALENÇA, J.V.B.
148 1.313 Progress in Nuclear Energy 23162 Effect of porosity on the manufacturing of U3O8-Al dispersion fuel plates DURAZZO, M.
149 1.312 Annals of Nuclear Energy 23040 Manufacturing low enriched uranium metal by magnesiothermic reduction of UF4 DURAZZO, M.
150 1.312 Annals of Nuclear Energy 23092 The experimental determination of the 238U(n,gamma) and total fission reaction rates along the pellet radius of the IPEN/MB-01 reactor MURA, LUIS F.L.
151 1.312 Annals of Nuclear Energy 23156 Assessment of RELAP5 matrix solvers for a two-phase natural circulation loop BRAZ FILHO, FRANCISCO A.
152 1.312 Annals of Nuclear Energy 23737 An experimental validation of Feynman-Alpha Method’s Bunching Technique in the IPEN/MB-01 Nuclear Reator ALVES, L.F.M.
153 1.300 Journal of Chemistry 23147 Green synthesis and characterization of biosilica produced from sugarcane waste ash ALVES, RODRIGO H.
154 1.299 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 23998 Influence of impurities on the radiation response of the TlBr semiconductor crystal SANTOS, ROBINSON A. dos
155 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 22497 Box-cox transformation on dataset from composition studies of archaeological potteries SANTOS, JOSE O.
156 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 22766 A Brazilian coal fly ash as a potential source of rare earth elements LANGE, CAMILA N.
157 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 22834 Trace elements status in the terrain of an impounded vehicle scrapyard LANGE, CAMILA N.
158 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 23226 On neutron activation analysis with gamma gamma coincidence spectrometry ZEISLER, ROLF
159 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 23738 Impact of operational changes on the scaling factors of radioactive wastes from the IEA-R1 research reactor TADDEI, MARIA H.T.
160 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 24303 Biomonitoring evaluation of some toxic and trace elements in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus (Lamarck, 1816) in a marine environment ALVES, MAURICIO B.
161 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 24315 Aluminum determination by instrumental neutron activation analysis in tree barks NOYORI, AMANDA
162 1.282 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 24336 Use of INAA in the homogeneity evaluation of a bovine kidney candidate reference material CASTRO, LILIANA
163 1.243 IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 24245 Error analysis for near-field EMC problems based on multipolar expansion approach LI, Z.
164 1.238 Journal of Electroceramics 23938 Electric field assisted sintering of electroceramics and in situ analysis by impedance spectroscopy MUCCILLO, R.
165 1.234 Functional Materials Letters 23937 Transmission electron microscopy characterization of protective La0.7Sr0.3MnO3−delta coatings prepared by electrostatic spray deposition on ferritic alloy CONCEICAO, LEANDRO da
166 1.203 Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 22773 A portable tomography system with seventy detectors and five gamma-ray sources in fan beam geometry simulated by Monte Carlo method VELO, A.F.
167 1.198 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 23222 Rare earth-indomethacinate complexes with heterocyclic ligands: synthesis and photoluminescence properties RESENDE FILHO, JOAO B.M.
168 1.198 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 24304 Electrooxidation of mixed ethanol and methanol solutions on PtSn/C electrocatalysts prepared by the polymeric precursor method AMORIM, ALINE
169 1.147 Microscopy Research and Technique 23074 TiF4 gel effects on tubular occlusion of eroded/ abraded human dentin MANTILLA, TAIS F.
170 1.144 Nuclear Engineering and Technology 24357 Production of uranium tetrafluoride from the effluent generated in the reconversion via ammonium uranyl carbonate SILVA NETO, JOAO B.
171 1.142 Nuclear Engineering and Design 23513 Psychometric model for safety culture assessment in nuclear research facilities NASCIMENTO, C.S. do
172 1.128 Applied Radiation and Isotopes 23099 Variance reduction technique in a beta radiation beam using an extrapolation chamber POLO, IVON O.
173 1.128 Applied Radiation and Isotopes 23174 ESR dating of Smilodon populator from Toca de Cima dos Pilão, Piauí, Brazil KINOSHITA, ANGELA
174 1.128 Applied Radiation and Isotopes 23515 Highly efficient method for production of radioactive silver seed cores for brachytherapy CARDOSO, ROBERTA M.
175 1.128 Applied Radiation and Isotopes 23827 Long-term performance assessment of HPGE detectors used in the neutron activation analysis laboratory of IPEN-CNEN/SP (Brazil) ZAHN, G.S.
176 1.128 Applied Radiation and Isotopes 24232 Disintegration rate and gamma-ray emission probability per decay measurement of Cu-64 YAMAZAKI, I.M.
177 0.917 Radiation Protection Dosimetry 23038 The evaluation of the real alpha value in Brazil and its projection until the year 2050 PEREZ, CLARICE F.
178 0.822 Nuclear Science and Engineering 23232 Impact of 235U resonance parameter evaluation in the reactivity prediction LEAL, LUIZ
179 0.745 Nuclear Technology 24335 Analysis of slag formation during UF4 magnesiothermic reduction DURAZZO, MICHELANGELO
180 0.725 Accreditation and Quality Assurance 23108 Preparation and characterization of a new reference material for the inorganic analysis of corn flour SANTOS, ANA M.P. dos
181 0.647 Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 23177 Extracellular matrix and its role in conveying glial/neural interactions in health and disease LIMA, VERA M.F. de
182 0.634 Materials Research 23164 Effect of electron beam and gamma rays on carbon nanotube yarn structure EVORA, MARIA C.
183 0.634 Materials Research - Ibero-American Journal of Materials 23482 High temperature erosion-oxidation resistance of thermally sprayed nanostructured Cr3C2-25(Ni-20Cr) coatings CUNHA, CECILIO A. da
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