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Seq Ano Ipen_doc Tipo Circ. Título
1 2020 26869 Artigo de peri贸dico I Engineering of galectin-3 for glycan-binding optical imaging
2 2019 26227 Texto completo de evento I Synthesis of a 2-nitroimidazole glycopeptide radiolabeled with (68)Ga for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging of tumor hypoxia
3 2019 26445 Artigo de peri贸dico I Galectin-3 orchestrates the histology of mesentery and protects liver during lupus-like syndrome induced by pristane
4 2019 26479 Artigo de peri贸dico I Octreotide nanoparticles showed affinity for in vivo MIA Paca-2 inducted pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma mimicking pancreatic polypeptide-secreting tumor of the distal pancreas (PPoma)
5 2019 26648 Artigo de peri贸dico I Colorectal Adenocarcinoma
6 2019 26663 Artigo de peri贸dico I Galectin-3 regulates the expression of tumor glycosaminoglycans and increases the metastatic potential of breast cancer
7 2019 26714 Livro N O IPEN e a sa煤de
8 2018 24230 Artigo de peri贸dico I Diagnosing lung cancer using etoposide microparticles labeled with 99mTc
9 2018 24767 Artigo de peri贸dico I Lack of galectin-3 modifies differentially Notch ligands in bone marrow and spleen stromal cells interfering with B cell differentiation
10 2018 25199 Artigo de peri贸dico I Transcriptomic and functional analyses of the piRNA pathway in the Chagas disease vector Rhodnius prolixus
11 2018 25727 Artigo de peri贸dico I In loco retention effect of magnetic core mesoporous silica nanoparticles doped with trastuzumab as intralesional nanodrug for breast cancer
12 2018 25874 Cap铆tulo de livro I Nanoradiopharmaceuticals in current molecular medicine
13 2017 23158 Artigo de peri贸dico I Anti-MUC1 nano-aptamers for triple-negative breast cancer imaging by single-photon emission computed tomography in inducted animals: initial considerations
14 2017 23199 Artigo de peri贸dico I Galectin-3 acts as an angiogenic switch to induce tumor angiogenesis via Jagged-1/Notch activation
15 2017 23988 Artigo de peri贸dico I Isolation and partial characterization of 3 nontoxic D鈥恎alactose鈥 specific isolectins from seeds of Momordica balsamina
16 2017 24361 Artigo de peri贸dico I MUC1 aptamer-capped mesoporous silica nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery and radio-imaging applications
17 2017 24373 Artigo de peri贸dico I Microradiopharmaceutical for metastatic melanoma
18 2016 20885 Artigo de peri贸dico I Lack of galectin-3 up-regulates IgA expression by peritoneal B1 lymphocytes during B cell differentiation
19 2016 22655 Artigo de peri贸dico I Nanoradiopharmaceuticals for breast cancer imaging: development, characterization, and imaging in inducted animals
20 2016 22660 Artigo de peri贸dico I The deficiency of galectin-3 in stromal cells leads to enhanced tumor growth and bone marrow metastasis
21 2016 23043 Artigo de peri贸dico I Lack of galectin-3 increases Jagged1/Notch activation in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells and promotes dysregulation of T helper cell polarization
22 2016 23145 Artigo de peri贸dico I Characterization and biodistribution of bevacizumab TPGS-based nanomicelles: Preliminary studies
23 2016 23552 Artigo de peri贸dico I Larval application of sodium channel homologous dsRNA restores pyrethroid insecticide susceptibility in a resistant adult mosquito population
24 2016 23555 Artigo de peri贸dico I O-glycan sialylation alters galectin-3 subcellular localization and decreases chemotherapy sensitivity in gastric cancer
25 2016 23734 Resumo de eventos cient铆ficos I Targeted doubly labeled nanoparticles for tumor imaging
26 2015 20246 Artigo de peri贸dico I Candida albicans phospholipomannan: a sweet spot for controlling host response/inflammation
27 2015 21215 Artigo de peri贸dico I Differential development of oil granulomas induced by pristane injection in galectin-3 deficient mice

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